Online asking and actual house price set - Region of Madrid

Published: 17 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r53fjrcwt3.1
David Blanco


This dataset contains annual asking and actual prices for rentals in the Region of Madrid (Spain) for 2015 to 2019. Data is aggregated by administrative neighborhood in the capital city, and at the municipal level for the rest of the region. There are also some derived data sets, such as average household income, and asking to actual price coefficients.


Steps to reproduce

Asking data comes from portal historical data whereas actual rental data comes from the spanish "Sistema Estatal de Índices de Referencia del Precio del Alquiler de Vivienda” developed by the "Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana". Income data comes from Spanish INE (national statistics office).


Regional Economics, Real Estate Economics