3D City Model for high-resolution urban simulations

Published: 30-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r57bd7p73x.1
Marko Bizjak,
Borut Žalik,
Gorazd Štumberger,
Niko Lukac


The 3D city model contains 4817 buildings that are comprised of small triangles for high-resolution urban simulations. It is given in OBJ format. The city model was generated from building outlines and aerial LiDAR data of the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The materials of triangles were obtained from the TABULA building typology. The OBJ file contains data on triangles' geometry and their type (roof, window, wall or floor). Each building is attributed with the corresponding materials, where every building exterior component's material properties are given in an MTL file. The predefined triangle and material properties' labels were used for compatibility with existing OBJ readers. Building related data is saved to files as follow: OBJ file: The triangle type is saved as the first coordinate of a triangle's texture coordinate: - 0 - Roof - 1 - Wall - 2 - Window - Other - Floor MTL file: Each building's material properties are written to a file as follows: - [Roof] Ka Solar_absorptance HT_coeff 0 - [Wall] Kd Solar_absorptance HT_coeff 0 - [Window] Ks Solar_absorptance HT_coeff SHGC_coeff - [Floor] Ns HT_coeff