Codes for the Article “The impact of macroprudential policies on industrial growth”, JIMF final version

Published: 20 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r5g3zty39p.1
Carlos Madeira


These codes use the original sources of data to add in replicating the article and its online appendix. The articles uses UNIDO and iMaPP (IMF) data to test the effect of macroprudential policies on the growth of the manufacturing industries. The article's tables are the same as for the BIS working paper, but their numbering is slightly different because Table 1 in the paper draft was moved to be Table A.1 in the appendix.


Steps to reproduce

Read the "ReadMe" word file to see what each code does. The file indicates how all the tables in the article and the online appendix are created from the Stata codes. The file is the Master file and runs all the data formatting and empirical analysis from the beginning to the end.


Banco Central de Chile, Bank for International Settlements, Bank for International Settlements Representative Office for the Americas


Banking, Economic Growth, Financial Economics, Financial Crisis, Banking Regulation, Manufacturing, Financial Policy