Survey Data Table GUOhn

Published: 1 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r5r9fj5fxn.1


Rural intellectually disabled families with only child lost are a vulnerable group of the only-child died families. It provides the realistic basis for the formulation and adjustment of the government's targeted support policies. This study investigates 59 rural intellectually disabled families with only child lost in 32 towns in 5 counties (cities, districts) of Shaanxi Province, and conducts a logistic regression analysis of 32 elderly care needs in four aspects of basic living ability, basic living security, basic medical care and spiritual entertainment. The result shows that there are significant differences in the other items except for the two items of whether there is care in hospital and emotional status. In general, age, gender, level of intellectual disability and family monthly income have a significant impact on the different needs of basic old-age care. Therefore, it is suggested that the support policy should be formulated and regulated from the following aspects: increasing the attention of county and city governments, improving the utilization rate of assistance funds, legislating and supervising the rights and responsibilities of caregivers, formulating dynamic caregiver service systems, and implementing centralized support policy.



Sociology, Rural Sociology