'IDGAH' : Premchand; Translated by Dr. Md Siddique Hossain

Published: 10 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r696csw2s5.1
Md Siddique Hossain Md Siddique Hossain


"IDGAH" A Short Story in Hindi Written By Premchand and Translated By Dr. Md Siddique Hossain ------------------------------------------------------- Eid, the thirty-day celebration after Ramadan, is filled with excitement and anticipation in a rural village. Hamid, a four-year-old boy, finds solace in his grandmother Ameena, who informs him that his father will return with silver and his mother will receive divine blessings. The text explores the complexities of life in a rural area, including the presence of Jinns and the importance of understanding human behavior. The story also highlights the importance of communication and the potential for overflow in the water carrier's posture. Hamid's grandmother presents him with a set of tongs, symbolizing the Champion of India. The tongs become the champion of India, and their mother's satisfaction surpasses any other. Later, a conflict arises when a sibling accidentally releases the water container, causing emotional distress for both parties. Chaudhri Sahib, a wealthy man, controls Jinns and has a large fortune. Hamid, a knowledgeable individual, struggles to finance expensive toys for the Eidgah celebrations. The town's hamlet becomes a hub for activities and toys, but Hamid's financial constraints hinder his participation. He purchases tongs to symbolize his invincibility and lethality, but they remain unattainable due to solar radiation and lack of resources. Despite disagreements, Hamid's tongs remain the champion of India. The town's excitement is disrupted by events like the death of a lawyer and the injury of an elderly woman.



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