Intestinal Obstruction Secondary to Intestinal Tuberculosis in Naive Patients: A Lesson from Single-Center Experience in Yemen

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r6rjtvr2nh.1
Faisal ahmed


The diagnosis and treatment of intestinal tuberculosis (TB) are challenging because of the uncertainty of its clinical presentation and non-specificity of diagnostic testing. This study aimed to describe the clinical and radiological features, surgical treatment, and outcomes of bowel obstruction secondary to intestinal TB in naive patients in a resource-limited setting. This retrospective cross-sectional study included 96 patients with acute abdomen who underwent surgery at the surgical department of Al-Nasar Hospital, IBB, Yemen between September 2005 and October 2023. Intestinal TB was diagnosed via histopathological examination. Patients were analyzed based on their demographics, clinical characteristics, radiologic findings, surgical treatment, and outcomes.


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A retrospective cross-sectional study between September 2005 and October 2023 included all naive patients with acute abdomen (peritonitis or intestinal obstruction) operated on in the surgical department of Al-Nasar Hospital, IBB, Yemen. Abdominal tuberculosis was diagnosed based on intraoperative findings and postoperative histopathological confirmation.


Ibb University


Medicine, Abdominal Surgery