Dataset for the publication: Evaluation of Pre-Chamber Orifice Orientation in an Ethanol-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engine for Passenger Car Applications

Published: 23 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r7wfyb4bzt.1


The dataset covers the research data of the publication "Evaluation of Pre-Chamber Orifice Orientation in an Ethanol-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engine for Passenger Car Applications" in SAE International Journal of Engines (DOI: 10.4271/03-15-04-0024). The data were measured on a thermodynamic spark-ignition single-cylinder engine with a compression ratio of 16.4. In addition, the engine was equipped with active pre-chambers. The pre-chambers differed in the orientation of their orifices, in particular, the orifice offset to the center of the pre-chamber tip. The different pre-chambers were assessed in variations of the relative air/fuel ratio by using ethanol as fuel for both the pre-chamber and the main combustion chamber. It was hypothesized that the orifice offsets impact the mixture formation inside the pre-chambers; thus, also impacting the lean operating limit of the engine. However, the impacts of the orifice offsets were minor with respect to both the maximum lean operating limit and the indicated efficiency. Compared to a conventional spark-ignition layout without pre-chamber, the pre-chamber configurations achieved higher maximum indicated efficiencies. In particular, at an engine speed of 2000 1/min, an indicated mean effective pressure of 15 bar, and a relative air/fuel ratio of 1.8, a maximum indicated efficiency of 46.5% was achieved. Moreover, a maximum relative air/fuel ratio of 2.0 was achieved with a pre-chamber configuration, whereas a maximum of 1.7 was achieved with conventional spark-ignition. The data provide insights into understanding the impact of the pre-chamber orifice offset on the combustion using active pre-chambers, and provide approaches for future research.



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