Data for "CO2-rich rejuvenated stage lavas on Hawaiian islands"

Published: 11 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r7zrtby6sv.1
guoliang zhang


This dataset includes Supplementary Information, and Supplementary Table 1 to Supplementary Table 5. Supplementary Table 1. Results of major and trace elements for the Hawaii lava samples. Supplementary Figure 2. Results of EPMA analyses on olivine-spinel pairs and calculation of equilibrium temperatures. Supplementary Table 3. Results of EMPA analyses on major and trace elements of olivine hosted in Hawaiian lava samples. Supplementary Table 4. Calculation of primary melts by correction olivine accumulation for Hawaiian lavas. Supplementary Table 5. Calculation of partition coefficients of Ca and Mn between equilibrium olivine and melt and CO2 concentration.



Institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chemical Elements, Mineral Chemistry, Rock Geochemistry