Linking outsourcing with organizational structure and culture and their impact on operational performance: A guidance for analysis

Published: 25 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/r89dt8mdzk.2
muneer alrwashdeh


This data was used to investigate the impact of outsourcing on the operational performance in industrial companies in Jordan. It also tested the effect of the organizational structure and organizational culture as mediator variables. In order to achieve this goal, a questionnaire was developed based on the previous literature, the face and content validity evaluated. In order to ascertain the construct validity, converging and discriminant validity, a confirmatory factor analysis was carried out using AMOS 24 software in order to fit the measurement model with the sample data selected from industrial companies in Jordan, and to confirm the validity and reliability of the scale.



Middle East University Faculty of Business


Industrial Analysis