A Study on Employee Perception on Public Sector Banks in Chennai City

Published: 21 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r8dzxv8584.1
Mayakkannan R


ABSTRACT The Banking and financial sector is a major sector of the development of the economy and the nation as a whole, which helps to provide required finance for the different sector of the economy. As a service sector the efficiency of employee has got a bearing on the quality of service offered. After liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991 and the banking sector reforms of 1998, the Indian banking sector witnessed an accomplishment of realistic pattern modify. Since the Indian banking sector has been engineered towards observance to the Basel Accords with the dependable insolence of the RBI. This regulation aimed at easing directed credit limitations under the priority sector lending measures, reduction of statutory pre-emption, deregulation of the interest rates and fostering prudential norms. This is an area in which banking industry needs considerable change in the basic premises for human resource management and development. Hence, the present study entitled “Impact of employee Perception and Performance of Public Sector Banks in Chennai city” has been undertaken. The area covered is Chennai city and the study is limited to the public sector banks. This study is impact employee perception and performance of selected public sector banks employees in Chennai. This study was taken as both analytical and descriptive in nature. It depends upon both primary and secondary data. Keywords: Public sector bank, perception, preemption, banking, employee’s performance.



Sri Sankara Arts and Science College


Primary Data