The seismic response data regarding the isolation and non-isolation of twin-tower shear-wall structures with an enlarged basement

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r8ky5wy5cs.1
Cao Hao,


The examination of both the isolated and non-isolated version of a twin-tower shear-wall structure with an enlarged basement under fortification-level seismic events will yield valuable findings regarding the highest levels of story acceleration, maximum story drift, and story shear force experienced in both horizontal directions. Furthermore, the response spectrum method is employed for the non-isolated structure, while both the response spectrum method and time-history analysis are utilized for the isolated structure.


Steps to reproduce

1. Establish a non-isolated structure:A non-isolated structure of a twin-tower shear-wall structures with an enlarged basement is established in ETABS. The structure consists of 15 layers, each with a height of 3m, resulting in a total height of 45m. The bottom part of the enlarged basement comprises of two floors, with a total measurement of 6m, while the upper tower section includes 13 floors with a height of 39m. The enlarged basement spans over an area of 93m in length and 26.1m in width. It adopts a frame structure for its exterior and utilizes shear walls for the tower portion, which measures 30.5m long and 10.1m wide. 2. Using response spectrum method: Let the fortification intensity = 8 degrees (0.2g); Let the maximum horizontal seismic influence coefficient αmax = 0.45; and let the characteristic period = 0.35s. 3. Build isolated structure: creating an isolation layer at the bottom of the non-isolated version of the twin-tower shear-wall structures with an enlarged basement. 4. Apply response spectrum method & Time-history analysis method: The response spectrum method, like that used for non-isolated structures, was employed for isolated structures. The time-history analysis used seven seismic waves, including five natural waves and two artificial ones. Additionally, the peak earthquake acceleration is set at 200cm/s^2.


Universiti Teknologi MARA


Civil Engineering Structure, Optimization in Structural Design, Seismic Analysis, Earthquake