GDM register with risk factors for screening selection criteria pilot dataset

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r8s3j8hfdb.1
Ezekiel Uba Nwose,


Background: Gestational diabetes Mellitus (GDM) if unmanaged can complicate pregnancy outcomes. Selective screening of GDM is a common policy hence, the need for complete medical records of patients. The extent and pattern that incomplete documentation of patients’ records can prevent recall of antenatal patients requires elucidation. Aim: To describe effectiveness of phone contacts on medical records and GDM risk factors among those reachable by telehealth. Data: Initial data were collected in 2018, which continued in 2019 at Eku Baptist Government Hospital (EBGH). Demographic data were complete in all patients, but incomplete documentation was observed with as much as 98%. 301/391 lacked complete data about 95% of the cases, this was solely due to missing height measurements. In 2020, records of 123 case files were reviewed for effectiveness of phone contacts to do telehealth, and with simultaneous GDM risk assessment. 98/123 have phone details on medical records, of which 41/98 cases followed up were reached hence constituted the pilot dataset. Analysis performed: Descriptive frequency analysis Reuse potentials: This dataset is reusable and useful in the future for potential systematic review and/or meta-analysis. Also, for GDM screening selection criteria, medical records and telehealth services – this pilot dataset is useful for health service limitations and areas for improvement.


Steps to reproduce

In 2018, initial method of data collection was by participation in scheduled antenatal clinic (ANC) to observe/review the ANC procedures and determine barriers to evaluation and registration of GDM. This generated ‘N = 123’ dataset that was analysed and published 1, 2. In 2020, the ‘N = 123’ was segregated based on telehealth attempt whereby some phone numbers were reached and others unreached. This yielded the ‘N = 41’ pilot dataset.


Telehealth, Gestational Diabetes, Documentation in Organization of Care