Rail deflection measurements on an operational mainline with asphalt-concrete trackbed layer

Published: 21 June 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/r8sp3z79ff.3


In 2016 a trial section was created on an operational mainline railway track. The trackbed in the section incorporated an asphalt-concrete trackbed layer with 70% of recycled asphalt concrete in the mixture. The purpose of the measurement presented in this dataset was to analyse the behaviour of the section before and after the construction. Two independent sets of data were collected for the analysis. First, a change in track geometry measured by Track Recording Vehicles passing through the section. Second, deflections of the bottom of rails under the load from passing trains at various points along the section. More details about the sets are presented in the description of the respective folders in which the data is uploaded (below).



Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke v Praze, University of Birmingham


Railway, Geotechnical Site Investigation, Railway Geotechnics