Infrastructure interdependencies and their implications for urban transitions

Published: 9 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r95hxbfvb8.1
Cem Gürsan


This is the research data folder for the paper called "Infrastructure interdependencies and their implications for urban sustainability transitions". More information about this research can be found in Abstract Infrastructure interdependencies have significant implications for both enabling or restricting the transition towards sustainable cities but remain understudied (Loorbach et al., 2010). Infrastructure systems mutually influence each other. For example: investments in district heating will result in a shift from cooking on natural gas to electricity-based cooking. This comes with a new spike in electricity demand around dinner time, with implications for the electricity grid. Such interdependencies can create powerful bonds between system elements and thus influence how resilient or flexible the transitioning system is to realignments and change. The objective of this study is to contribute to the efforts for the transition toward sustainable cities by increasing our knowledge of the infrastructure interdependencies and their implications for urban sustainability transitions. We elaborate the role and characteristics of infrastructure systems from a socio-technical perspective, investigate infrastructure interdependencies in an ongoing transition case, and, finally, synthesize and extend existing works that categorize infrastructure interdependencies in the light of urban sustainability transitions. The research question is: what are the types and interactions of interdependencies amongst infrastructure systems that can influence transitions into sustainable urban areas?


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Urban Sustainability, Socio-Technical System, Infrastructure