Comparative study of foliar application of various beer products and sakkara brewing on plant growth, flowering and fruit setting of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) plants

Published: 8 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r9cp9myhxb.1


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is an important vegetable crop in the tropics. Beer brewing is an intricate process encompassing mixing and further elaboration of four essential raw materials. “Sakkara”, Sri Lankan name for jiggery made by sugar cane stem extract. Sakkara Brewing (SBr) is also an intricate process like beer. It has reported that foliar application of beer and SBr resulted in significant growth stimulation in plants. The objectives of the present study were to compare the effects of five commercially available beer products and SBr on growth, flowering and fruit setting of cucumber plants. The study was conducted at farmer’s poly tunnel in a Completely Randomize Design with seven treatments randomized in five replicates. The treatments were T1 – Carlsberg Special Brew (8.8% Ethanol), T2 – Carlsberg (4.8% Ethanol), T3 – Lion Strong (8.8% Ethanol), T4 – Lion Stout (8.8% Ethanol), T5- Lion Larger (4.8% Ethanol), T6 – SBr (2.2% ethanol, 4% methanol, 2.4 x 104 yeast cells per 1mm3 and PH= 3.36) and T7 – Control (without spraying). Plants were established in pots and standard crop management practices were done. Products were sprayed to the seedlings 15 days after sowing and continued 6 times at 10 days intervals. Measurements were taken on growth, flowering and Fruit setting stages. The higher values of plant growth, reproductive and yield parameters were observed in beer and SBr applied treatments compared to control. SBr is very low cost product compared to commercially available beer. So, it can be recommended for vegetable cultivation as economically feasible and eco-friendly organic product.



Agricultural Science, Agronomy