Green earth NMR relaxometry

Published: 16-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/r9kht3pbn9.1
Anne-Laure Rollet,
Agathe Fanost,
Maguy Jaber,
Laurence de viguerie,
Jean-Pierre Korb,
Pierre Levitz,
Laurent J. Michot,
Guillaume Meriguet


Data for several Green earth (GE) pigments are provided. The pigments are: Cyprus GE (Kremer Pigmente K17400), Cyprus GBE (Kremer Pigmente K17410), Russia GE (Kremer Pigmente K11110), Bohemian GE (Kremer Pigmente K40810), Sennelier GE (Sennelier 213), France GE (Kremer Pigmente K40830). The following data are provided: - raw data 1H NMR relaxometry profiles (10kHz-30MHz) of five GE aqueous dispersions at 298K: Cyprus GE, Cyprus green blue earth (GBE), Russia GE, France GE and Sennelier GE. - 1H relaxation rate R1=1/T1 at 20MHz of water in six GE dispersions as a function of pigment volume fraction at 298K: Bohemian GE, Cyprus GE, Cyprus GBE, Russia GE, France GE and Sennelier GE. - N2 gas isotherm of Bohemian GE and Cyprus GE. - raw data of the evolution in temperature of the 1H NMR relaxation profiles for Bohemian GE and Cyprus GE dispersions for pigment volume fraction equal to 0.13.