Engendering Awareness for Truck art Motifs Through Creative Industry for Global Market

Published: 17 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rb897rhk8r.1
Global Journal of Research Publication


This paper means to look at and investigate the uniqueness and differentiation of standard subjects and models on truck artisanship in Pakistan. Truck artisanship is a champion among the most socially commended show-stopper in Pakistan, which is enthusiastic and uproarious. The exquisite effortless and mistook plans for Multicolour ranges are integrate to make something shimmering and grow, which reflects the nice assortment of Pakistani culture. The truck experts are in their own specific world and making and conveying artisanship out of the case energy and impulse. To save and have care about the effects of regular subjects and models is to introduce a thought that will bring the Truck Workmanship outline off the roads into the lifestyle of especially the Age Y. This thought will moreover empower everybody to better, to appreciate and invite the worth of Pakistani standard subjects and models. The fundamental objective as contemporary skilled worker and originator, in any case, is to and thusly be impelled to spread and present the splendid message of this creative articulation locally and all over the planet. By intertwining and applying the parts of truck, workmanship into material and form setup will furthermore progress and derrick the standard imaginative articulation. Also, the paper will in like manner explore various designs that could add to further develop the truck masterpiece, for example, making it in batik. The care and appreciation of the inventive explanation and appearances of truck workmanship will safeguard the traditional social characters for promising period of Pakistani truck-craftsmanship craftsman, organizers and specialists. This effort will in like manner spread the authentic thought of the lifestyle, country and people of Pakistan.



Limkokwing University of Creative Technology


Research Article