CMInject: Python framework for the numerical simulation of nanoparticle injection pipelines

Published: 13 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rbpgn4fk3z.1


CMInject simulates nanoparticle injection experiments of particles with diameters in the micrometer to nanometer-regime, e.g., for single-particle-imaging experiments. Particle-particle interactions and particle-induced changes in the surrounding fields are disregarded, due to low nanoparticle concentration in these experiments. CMInject's focus lies on the correct modeling of different forces on such particles, such as fluid-dynamics or light-induced interactions, to allow for simulations that further the scientific development of nanoparticle injection pipelines. To provide a usable basis for this framework and allow for a variety of experiments to be simulated, we implemented first specific force models: fluid drag forces, Brownian motion, and photophoretic forces. For verification, we benchmarked a drag-force-based simulation against a nanoparticle focusing experiment. We envision its use and further development by experimentalists, theorists, and software developers.



Computational Physics, Nanoparticles, X-Ray Imaging