Data for Fire Dynamics Simulator: fire in a tunnel under construction

Published: 4 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rcjgm2nz3s.1
Stefano Bondua', Lorenzo Tagliati


The data archived here represent a case study chosen for the simulation of a tunnel under construction, where the fire originates from a truck used to transport the spoil resulting from excavation operations. The vehicle was positioned 30 meters from the tunnel entrance and in the centre of the road at the time of the fire outbreak. In the tunnel, there is also a jumbo which is 30 meters from the excavation face as it was decided to simulate a fire not during the actual excavation phase but during the clearing phase. For the ventilation, a duct has been inserted which starts from the outside of the tunnel and introduces fresh air generated by a fan positioned at the beginning of the duct itself. As regards the tunnel and the machinery present, the following dimensions were chosen: • Tunnel – 100 meters long, 10 meters wide and 7 meters high • Truck – 13.6 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and 2.6 meters high • Jumbo – 7 meters long, 4.4 meters wide and 2.6 meters high As regards the air duct, a diameter of 1 meter and a total length of 100 meters was chosen. Simulations can be performed using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software. FDS can be downloaded from [Last access 2023, September, 29]



Numerical Modeling