Techno-economic data for decentralized energy system sizing for rural areas in Benin. A case study of the village of Fouay.

Published: 3 September 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rcrgv63wnx.2
Thierry ODOU


This data article is related to the research article “O.D.T. Odou, R. Bhandari, R. Adamou, Hybrid off-grid renewable power system for sustainable rural electrification in Benin, Renew. Energy. 145 (2020) 1266–1279. doi:10.1016/j.renene.2019.06.032.’’. The data are grouped into 4 categories spread in different worksheets as follow: 1. Resource assessment: The resource assessment comprises the files 1.1.Met_data.xlsx and 1.2. Hydro_Ressource_Modelling.xlsx. The excel worksheet Met_data.xls contains the weather parameters namely: Solar radiation, Wind speed, precipitation and temperature at Kandi and the estimated monthly streamflow data for the hydro site of ‘’sosso’’. Kandi is the nearest station from the village of Fouay. These parameters are daily data with different time range. The sheet Hydro_Ressource_Modelling.xlsx. contains the estimated streamflow of the hydropower site of ‘’Cascade de Sosso’’ as well as the two analogues gauged station streamflow used to perform the estimation. The Couberi gauged station is located at the upstream of Sosso and Gbasse gauged stations at the downstream. 2. Load Assessment The electrical energy demand of the village of Fouay details is provided in the excel worksheet 2. Load.xlsx. The electrical load of the village is classified into three main categories: Household load, Community load, and Commercial load. Some assumptions have been made for seasonal variation of the load profile. Three main season load variation are defined summer, winter low and winter high. For each category of the load demand and seasonal variation, an excel sheet in the worksheet describes them respectively. A summary load sheet is created and the yearly load also. 3. Components costs and specifications The components costs (PV panels, Diesel Generator (DG), Battery, Inverter, Hydro turbine and grid) and specifications are containing in excel worksheet 3. Components_Costs_Specifications.xlsx The step size capacity of PV ARRAY, Converter and DG are in a separate sheet on the worksheet and as well hydro power site details information. 4. Optimization and simulation Under this section three file are generated. The spreadsheet 4.1. HOMER_all_Optimization.xlsx lists all the feasible simulations and the spreadsheet 4.2. HOMER_Categorized_Optimization.xlsx. contains the list of feasible systems according to system type. The above spreadsheets are output retrieved data from HOMER software tools. The third file 4.3. Optimisation_Simulation_Output.xlsx is a retrieved and analyzed data from HOMER software output. It contains monthly electric production of PV/DG/Battery and the system components electric production over a year to meet the load. The month of August in the winter and November in summer are taken to capture the system behaviour to balance the load. Lastly, the survey questionnaire used is provided in the file 5. survey.doc.



Universite Abdou Moumouni de Niamey


Energy Engineering, Energy Systems, Renewable Energy System Design