Script Dataset for Computational Scene Generation

Published: 10 August 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rd5bjbnm35.2
gaganpreet gagan


Description of the dataset , "This dataset comprises scripts collected from various sources, including the popular YouTube channel "lovescript" and platforms like Quora and blogs. The purpose of creating this dataset is to facilitate the analysis of video scripts, which can then be utilized as input for computational scene generation algorithms. These algorithms have the potential to generate short video sequences automatically, thereby enabling the construction of engaging and dynamic video content. The dataset is structured with four columns: the first column represents the script ID, uniquely identifying each script entry. The second column contains the date of collecting data.and third column contains script title, providing a concise description of the content. Finally, the fourth column contains the actual script text, encompassing the dialogue or narrative of the video. By leveraging this dataset, researchers and developers can explore innovative approaches in video generation, such as constructing coherent and visually appealing short video clips. The aggregation of these generated sequences can be further refined and arranged into specific timelines, resulting in compelling video content for various purposes, including storytelling, entertainment, or educational applications.'



Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology


Computer Science, Computer Science Applications