Stress-strain data for aluminum 6061-T651 from 9 lots at 6 temperatures under uniaxial and plain strain tension

Published: 4 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rd6jm9tyb6.2
Michael Shields,


This dataset contains engineering stress-engineering strain curves for aluminum 6061-T651 test specimens prepared from bars of material from 9 lots available commercially. Multiple specimens from each lot were tested in steady-state tension at 6 different temperatures (i.e., the temperature was maintained constant through the test) under uniaxial and plane strain tension stress states. The files are named with seven groups of characters according to the following format x_xxx_x_x_xxx_xxx_xx. The first letter indicates the specimen type - 'T' is for uniaxial tension and 'P' is for plane strain, the next three numbers indicate the temperature of the test, the next letter indicates the lot, the next number indicates the specimen number within that lot. These 4 groups of characters are enough to uniquely identify any file. The additional three groups of characters are for correspondence with the numbering scheme used while performing the tests and can be disregarded. The strains are obtained using digital image correlation using a 2-inch gauge length for the tension specimen and a 0.25-inch gauge length for the plane strain specimen. The strains are an average of several measurements (at approximately 350-micron intervals) across the width of the gauge section over the gauge length. The stresses are computed using force readings from the load cell and cross-sectional area measurements of the test specimen.



Johns Hopkins University


Stress-Strain Measurement, High Temperature Alloys, Material Behavior