MurdochBushCourtLoC: Wifi-Based Localisation Datasets for No-GPS Open Areas Using Smart Bins

Published: 25 April 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/rdhfvhyg5p.4
Mohamed A. nassar,
Polychronis Koutsakis,
Peter Cole ,
Len Luxford,
Mahmud Hasan ,
Ibrahim Khan ,
Azifa Rumy,
Md Mesbahul Hasan,
Giles Oatley


The First Wifi-Based Localisation/Positioning Datasets for No-GPS Open Areas Using Smart Bins. There are two directories: datasets It contains two main types of datasets: 1- Fingerprint dataset fingerprint.csv contains four users who generated fingerprints using their mobile devices. 2- APs dataset APs.csv: a huge dataset contains auto-generate rss reported by APs. APs_users_date_time_label.csv: it contains a labelled APs_four_users_label.csv for four users only. scripts This directory contains all jupyter notebooks used to create datasets and provide statistical analysis (normalisation, t-test, etc.) and visualisations (historgrams, box-plots, etc_



Murdoch University


Communication, Mobile Communication, Networking