Data for: Stereotaxy in rat models: current state of the art.

Published: 7 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rdrrwmtztf.1
Philippe De Vloo, Bart Nuttin


Selected publications on rat stereotaxy and data obtained from them. Strains: F=Fischer; L=Lewis; LE=Long-Evans; LH=Lister-hooded; nr=not reported; SD=Sprague-Dawley; W=Wistar. Sex: F=female, F+M=female and male; M=male; nr=not reported. Number of subjects: nr=not reported. Laterality: B=bilateral, L=left; nr=not reported; R=right. AP coordinates=anteroposterior coordinates ML coordinates=mediolateral coordinates AP/ML reference=stereotaxic reference used for anteroposterior and mediolateral coordinates: B=bregma; CS=calamus scriptorius; IA=interaural line; L=lambda; OC=occipital crest. DV coordinates=dorsoventral coordinates DV reference=stereotaxic reference used for dorsoventral coordinates: B=bregma; D=dura/brain surface; IA=interaural line; S=skull. Implant/procedure: BPS=biopsy; C=cannula implantation; ELE=electrode implantation; EXT=extraction; FUS=focused ultrasound; INJ=injection; MD=microdialysis catheter implantation; OCT=optical coherence tomography probe implantation; THM=thermode implantation. Accuracy verification method: EP=electrophysiology; H=histology; MR=magnetic resonance imaging; nr=not reported; *=intraventricular/intracisternal injection. Stereotaxic atlas: K=König and Klippel; nr=not reported; P=Paxinos. Grey text represents deducted data with some uncertainty due to insufficient reporting. Grey highlighted text represents data deducted from growth curves as explained in the Material and methods section.



Neurosurgery, Stereotaxis