Data for: Stereotaxy in rat models: current state of the art.

Published: 7 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rdrrwmtztf.1
Philippe De Vloo,
Bart Nuttin


Selected publications on rat stereotaxy and data obtained from them. Strains: F=Fischer; L=Lewis; LE=Long-Evans; LH=Lister-hooded; nr=not reported; SD=Sprague-Dawley; W=Wistar. Sex: F=female, F+M=female and male; M=male; nr=not reported. Number of subjects: nr=not reported. Laterality: B=bilateral, L=left; nr=not reported; R=right. AP coordinates=anteroposterior coordinates ML coordinates=mediolateral coordinates AP/ML reference=stereotaxic reference used for anteroposterior and mediolateral coordinates: B=bregma; CS=calamus scriptorius; IA=interaural line; L=lambda; OC=occipital crest. DV coordinates=dorsoventral coordinates DV reference=stereotaxic reference used for dorsoventral coordinates: B=bregma; D=dura/brain surface; IA=interaural line; S=skull. Implant/procedure: BPS=biopsy; C=cannula implantation; ELE=electrode implantation; EXT=extraction; FUS=focused ultrasound; INJ=injection; MD=microdialysis catheter implantation; OCT=optical coherence tomography probe implantation; THM=thermode implantation. Accuracy verification method: EP=electrophysiology; H=histology; MR=magnetic resonance imaging; nr=not reported; *=intraventricular/intracisternal injection. Stereotaxic atlas: K=König and Klippel; nr=not reported; P=Paxinos. Grey text represents deducted data with some uncertainty due to insufficient reporting. Grey highlighted text represents data deducted from growth curves as explained in the Material and methods section.