Dataset from Vietnam: Challenges in Implementing the New National Curriculum from Teachers' Perspective

Published: 2 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rffkw6w8cn.1
Dien Bui, Hue Dang, Quoc Anh Vuong


This dataset provides valuable insights into the implementation of the new curriculum from the perspectives of primary and secondary school teachers. The dataset covers four primary aspects of the curriculum implementation from teachers’ viewpoints, which include (a) teachers' competency in implementing the new curriculum, (b) teaching conditions necessary for implementing the new curriculum, (c) obstacles faced by teachers in implementing the new curriculum, and (d) teachers' aspirations to implement the new national curriculum effectively. The data was collected from November to December 2022 using Google Form, with 29,026 primary and secondary school teachers from five provinces in Vietnam participating. This dataset aims to assist policymakers and educational administrators by providing them with information on the primary areas where teachers require support and training to enhance the new curriculum implementation. In general, this dataset provides valuable information that can improve the effectiveness of implementing the new national curriculum.



Education, Curriculum Development, Teacher Professional Development


Ministry of Education