Migmatitic gneiss aggregates: compositional, mechanical and morphological response to innate heterogeneity - Dataset and supplementary materials

Published: 4 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rg3wdmdtyb.1


Hybrid rock types such as migmatites present high technological variability. It was found that each migmatite lithotype (namely paleosome, melanosome, leucosome, pegmatite and granitoid) has a particular petrographic, mineralogical, physical, mechanical and morphological set of features. Thus, the assessment of geologically heterogeneous rock quarries could maximize the crushing operation and minimize changes in aggregate quality by producing a wider range of aggregates from the same place. Aggregates morphological data can be interpreted in terms of cummulative frequence curves of sphericity, angularity and surface texture. Mechanical degradation properties indicate how each migmatite lithotype respond to different mechanical solicitation. X-Ray Diffraction data allowed to quantify each migmatite component mineralogy. It was obteined from Rietveld method using TOPAS software. Dataset also comtemplate point load test analysis separated by lithotype.



Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Engineering Geology