Data for: Suitability assessment of different hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) varieties to the cultivation environment

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rgf4rf7dfm.1
Francesco Danuso,


Hcrops_Setup.exe is the installation package of the model Hcrops. Hcrops simulates a hemp crop and has been developed, tested and calibrated using the SEMoLa language and simulation environment (Danuso and Rocca, 2014). It is a dynamic, mechanistic model, with daily time step, considering the hemp phenological development, the soil water balance and the irrigation requirement depending on a water stress factor. Moreover, it calculates the yield reduction due to water stress following the method of evapotranspiration of FAO (Doorembos and Kassam,1979) and the seed oil content (Oil) depending on the average daily maximum temperature of the flowering-maturity period (Atmax). A good relationship has been found in experimental data of this work, so the model implemented the relationship: Oil = 115 - 3.1 · Atmax Soil moisture is calculated as the balance among inputs (rainfall and irrigation) and outputs (actual evapotranspiration Eta and drainage). The soil is considered a single layer with the depth of the roots. Roots increase depth at a rate depending on temperature and till to the flowering stage. Root deepening could be limit also by a physical limit in the soil.



Agronomy, Crop Science, Cannabaceae, Planning, Modelling