Thermal and epithermal neutron self-shielding correction factors for neutron radiative capture reaction of 186W in tungsten foils

Published: 10 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rghrx5dtv4.1
Pham Ngoc Son


In the experimental neutron-induced reaction rate determination, the sample or monitor targets often are not thin enough to ignore the self-shielding effects of foil sample thicknesses on the incident neutron spectrum distributions inside the target volume. Therefore, datasets of correction factors for these self-shielding effects are needed in experimental research with a specific neutron source spectrum and target thickness. These data files, the thermal (Gth) and epithermal (Gepi) neutron self-shielding correction factors for 186W(n,g)187W reaction in tungsten foil targets with different thicknesses were calculated by the Monte Carlo simulation method.



Neutron Irradiation, Neutron Activation Analysis, Experimental Nuclear Physics