Willingness to pay for fast-track tickets in the alpine skiing industry

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rgkgkfsyn2.1
Erik Haugom,


The data used in this study were collected from a survey of active skiers conducted during February and March 2019, at a major ski resort in Norway. Before data collection took place, the questionnaires were pre-tested among students, family members, and staff at the university college. The data was collected in the ski resort on various weekdays (including weekends). A total of 779 forms were completed in part or completely. After removing incomplete forms, we ended up with 549 complete forms for our analyses. The survey consisted of questions about a range of factors related to alpine skiing. The main question in the survey regarding fast-track tickets is reproduced in Figure 1. In the question, we asked skiers how much extra, in addition to the day-pass price of 455 Norwegian kroner (NOK) , they would pay (in the interval NOK 0 to 100) for given scenarios of between 1- and 20-minute waiting time at the main lifts.


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Willingness-to-Pay, Willingness to Pay Estimation


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Fnded by the Regional Research Funds in Norway (RFF Innlandet) project number 285141