Data for: Thermochronological and geochemical footprints of post-orogenic fluid alteration recorded in apatite: implications for mineralisation in the Uzbek Tian Shan

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rh5wg9r9br.1
Stijn Glorie


Supplementary File 1 contains apatite U-Pb isotopic ratios required to calculate U-Pb dates. The first column lists the sample name in the first 4 digits, followed by a sequential number for each analysed spot in that sample. Final207_235 = 207Pb/235U ratio; Final 207_235_Int1SE = 1σ standard deviation on the 207Pb/235U ratio. Final206_238 = 206Pb/238U ratio; Final 206_238_Int1SE = 1σ standard deviation on the 206Pb/238U ratio. ErrorCorrelation_6_38vs7_35 = error correlation factor, calculated in Iolite. Supplementary File 2 contains raw apatite trace element geochemistry. `Sample` = sample name; `Age` = calculate apatite U-Pb age for that sample; `Agediff` = zircon U-Pb age – apatite U-Pb age; `Symbol`, `Group` and `Colour` = classification measures to distinguish samples in GCD-kit (Janousek et al., 2006); IntStdWv = stoichiometric calcite composition for calcium as internal standard (in weight percent). All other columns are concentrations in ppm and 2σ uncertainties for each listed element.



Geochemistry, Tectonics, Geochronology