MEFF-MEditerranean Flood Fatalities

Published: 4 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rh9mx7fh7b.1
olga petrucci


In the Mediterranean environment, floods pose a significant threat to people, in spite of the noteworthy improvements in forecasting, emergency management, and defensive works. This paper examines flood mortality in the Mediterranean environment based on a 36-year long database (1980–2015) that was built in five study areas using documentary sources. Information on fatal accidents was disaggregated in database fields describing victim's profile and the circumstances of the accidents. Data show an increasing trend of flood fatalities during the study period. Accidents mainly occurred outdoor: the majority of the 458 fatalities were males, mainly aged between 30 and 49 years, and residents in the area of the accident. In the majority of cases, people were dragged by water/mud when travelling by car. Some cases of hazardous behaviours, such as fording rivers or trying to save belongings, were also detected. The cause of death was drowning in the majority of cases, and heart attack in a few cases it was. The results of the research can be proficiently used in information campaigns aiming to increase people safety during future floods. To use these data, quote the paper: Petrucci, O., Papagiannaki, K., Aceto, L., Boissier, L., Kotroni, V., Grimalt, M., Llasat M.C., Llasat‐Botija M., Rosselló J., Pasqua A.A., Vinet, F. MEFF: the database of MEditerranean Flood Fatalities (1980 to 2015). Journal of Flood Risk Management, 2018; e12461.,


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Mediterranean Region, Climate Change, Geological Hazard, Floods