Data for: High-temperature properties and interface evolution of C/SiBCN composites prepared by precursor infiltration and pyrolysis

Published: 10-09-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rj2j5zzs5p.1
sian chen


It is evident that the peaks of N2 (mass: 28) or volatile Si (mass: 28) has been be detected on mass spectra. It can be inferred that the N2 and volatile Si are attributed to the reaction of Si_3 N_4+3C→3SiC+2N_2 and Si_3 N_4→3Si(g)+2N_2. The peak of NH3 (mass: 17) may be due to small amount of transamination reaction between N-H group in the precursor backbone and Si-N linkages. And the peaks of H2O (mass: 18), CO2 (mass: 44), NO2 (mass: 46) appeared, because a small amount of oxygen introduced during the PIP process reacted with the SiBCN matrix.