1. Scaf1 promotes respiratory supercomplexes and metabolic efficiency in zebrafish- Dataset 1

Published: 01-05-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rjhxf9wsc2.1
carolina garcia,
Nadia Mercader


Dataset 1 includes Raw data of figures 1, EV1, EV2 (BNGE) and figure 3.1 (Fish size, fish pictures and histology of females). Figure 3, part 2 (histology of males) is included in dataset 2. Data code: The following code is used in the raw data: scaf1 zebrafish line delta 1 = S0 scaf1 zebradfish line delta 2 =S4 scaf1 +/+ = WT scaf1 -/- = KO