w2dynamics: Local one- and two-particle quantities from dynamical mean field theory

Published: 23 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rjs7kmjm2b.1
Markus Wallerberger,
Andreas Hausoel,
Patrik Gunacker,
Alexander Kowalski,
Nicolaus Parragh,
Florian Goth,
Karsten Held,
Giorgio Sangiovanni


We describe the hybridization-expansion continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo code package “w2dynamics”, developed in Wien and Würzburg. We discuss the main features of this multi-orbital quantum impurity solver for the Anderson impurity model, dynamical mean field theory as well as its coupling to density functional theory. The w2dynamics package allows for calculating one- and two-particle quantities; it includes worm and further novel sampling schemes. Details about its download, installation, functioning and the relevant parameters are provided.



Computational Physics