Comparison of health and climate damages between diesel trucks and electric trucks

Published: 22 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rjyhy4ndnn.1
Zhenhong Lin


The data show estimates of health and climate damages between diesel trucks and electric trucks. Data supports Figure 1 of the article on Joule, titled "Mostly positive implications of long-haul truck electrification" (, by Zhenhong Lin. Results are based on the static AEG-based (average electricity generation) results of Tong et al. (, with the dynamics adjustment that uses a simple weighting average between two static estimates to reflect the transition of vehicle and grid technologies and without discounting. The results suggest: The results on Figure 1 suggest the following. 1) The health and climate benefits of 100% long-haul truck electrification are almost certainly positive. 2) The net positive benefits become greater with better battery technologies and greater renewable electricity share (from scenario 1 to others). 3) The benefits of truck electrification are more sensitive to battery technology improvement with a future business-as-usual grid mix (scenario 2 vs 1) than a future high-renewable mix (scenario 4 vs 3). 4) Accelerating the deployment of renewable electricity (i.e., grid decarbonization) can significantly reduce the health and climate damages of long-haul electric trucks (from scenario 4 to 5 to 6).


Steps to reproduce

copy and paste estimates from Tong at el. into the proper places. All calculation formula are included in the file and will automatically update the results and the figure.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Air Quality, Large Truck, Climate Change, Freight Transport, Energy Transportation, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Greenhouse Gas