The Effect of Visual Working Memory Consolidation on Long-Term Memory for Chinese Characters

Published: 2 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rk3y3hxnn8.1
Yuhuan Chen


this study aims to explore the effect of visual working memory consolidation on long-term memory for Chinese characters. Furthermore, by distinguishing the intrinsic and extrinsic contexts of Chinese characters, it examines whether visual working memory consolidation can more effectively bind contextual information to the target characters, thereby improving long-term memory performance for characters. Research on this issue will help one to understand the nature of Chinese character processing in beginner Chinese character learners and provide practical support for teaching Chinese characters to children. Our hypotheses are as follows: H1: Compared to target characters without visual working memory consolidation, characters with visual working memory consolidation will have better long-term memory performance; H2: Under visual working memory consolidation, characters will have better long-term memory performance in the context condition than in the no-context condition.



Cognitive Psychology