Published: 22 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rk8kzbdz45.1
Adam Pieczka


The data are processed microprobe analyses of pyrochlore-supergroup minerals from the Julianna pegmatitic system in the Góry Sowie Block refered to the manuscript 'Environmental constraints on geochemical evolution of pyrochlore-supergroup minerals in anatectic pegmatites of the Góry Sowie block, SW Poland: A case of the Julianna pegmatitic system at Piława Górna' by A. Pieczka. They include Table 2 (a and b), Table 3 (a and b), ...., Table 7 (a and b) presenting representative compositions (in wt% and in apfu) of the pyrochlores occurring in various bodies of the pegmatite system.


Steps to reproduce

Chemical analyses are collected with a CAMECA SX 100 microprobe. Raw data are recalculated using Excel program according to the procedure described in the manuscript.