#VagaGeneral21F #JoNoFaigVaga21F 2019.02.20 - 2019.02.22

Published: 23 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rm53fh7nwp.1
Aniol Maria


Dataset that collects tweets between February 20th and February 22th in 2019 with Twarc. Twarc is a tool by Documenting the Now: http://www.docnow.io/#tools #VagaGeneral21F and #JoNoFaigVaga21F were hashtags used for the General Strike in Catalonia convocated on February 21th in 2019. Vaga general catalana de febrer de 2019 - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaga_general_catalana_de_febrer_de_2019 Hashtags: #VagaGeneral21F #JoNoFaigVaga21F Dates: 2019.02.20-2019.02.22 Number of Tweets: 137,862 Size (Hydrated): 942 megabytes


Steps to reproduce

Download & Install Twarc: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#install Download and archiving: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#usage twarc search '#JoNoFaigVaga21F OR #VagaGeneral21F since:2019-02-20 until:2019-02-22' > JoNoFaigVaga21F_VagaGeneral21F-search-2019.02.20-2019.02.22.jsonl And Hydrate the dataset: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#hydrate twarc dehydrate JoNoFaigVaga21F_VagaGeneral21F-search-2019.02.20-2019.02.22.jsonl > JoNoFaigVaga21F_VagaGeneral21F-search-2019.02.20-2019.02.22-ids.txt


Social Sciences, Social Network Analysis, Data Record, Archival Science, Record Archiving, Protest Movement, Political Conflict, Autonomy and Independence, Strike (Labor Relations), Twitter