Comparative Study of Muscle Strengthening Practices Among Physiotherapy Students in Ambala

Published: 28 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rm9zvgvhs4.1
Abhishek Thakur


Aim: This study aims to analyze the prevalence of muscle-strengthening activity participation among physiotherapy students in Ambala, assessing their exercise habits, frequency, and perceived barriers. Introduction : Muscular strength, defined as the ability to exert force under specific biomechanical conditions, is crucial for performing tasks in both sports and daily life. Understanding how to enhance muscular strength and its physiological factors is essential. Muscle-strengthening exercises are recommended to be performed at least twice a week to maintain overall health and well-being. Methods: A survey was conducted among 250 physiotherapy students using a validated questionnaire. Data were collected offline, with the mean age of participants being 20.42±1.666 years. Results: Out of 250 responses, 32% of students reported not engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises. Among those who did, 4.8% exercised one day per week, 2.4% exercised two days per week, and the rest varied from three to seven days per week, with 14.8% exercising six days and 2.4% every day. In terms of exercise duration, 38% of students spent less than 10 minutes per session, while a smaller percentage (2%) exceeded 60 minutes per session. Conclusion: The study revealed diverse engagement levels with muscle-strengthening exercises among physiotherapy students in Ambala, with a significant proportion not participating in such activities. Exercise frequency and duration varied widely, reflecting different levels of commitment and motivation. Addressing barriers such as time constraints and lack of resources, and integrating physical activity promotion into the curriculum, can foster a supportive environment. Collaboration between educators, healthcare providers, and policymakers is essential for implementing comprehensive wellness initiatives that prioritize physical activity within physiotherapy education and practice. Keywords: Muscle-strengthening exercises, physiotherapy students, exercise habits, exercise frequency, exercise barriers, wellness initiatives



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Muscle Exercise, Mechanical Strength, Wellness, Exercise Capacity