Use of technology in endodontics by undergraduate dental students in a southeastern state of Brazil

Published: 13 March 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rmj9p3xpfy.2
Isabella da Costa Ferreira, Gabriela da Costa Ferreira, Warley Luciano Fonseca Tavares, Maria Ilma de Souza Cortes, Tiago Braga, Rodrigo Rodrigues Amaral


Abstract: Introduction: This study aimed to determine the level of incorporation of current technologies for endodontic treatment in undergraduate dentistry courses in a southeastern state of Brazil. Methods: For data collection, a self-assessment-based online questionnaire was created using the “Google Forms” platform, consisting of 12 multiple-choice and a few open-ended questions. The questions were related to the use of current technologies for diagnosis, imaging, use of ultrasonics in endodontics, instrumentation, use of apex locator, microscopy, photodynamic therapy, and thermoplastic techniques during endodontic treatment. The questionnaire was sent to 54 dental schools in Minas Gerais. Results: The results show low technological incorporation during the various stages of endodontic treatment by undergraduate students in dentistry courses in Minas Gerais. Conclusion: Despite the availability of several technologies to help perform different stages of endodontic treatment, it was observed that most universities do not teach the use of these technologies. Additional studies are needed to correlate how the lack of incorporation of these technologies could impact on the quality of the endodontic learning for undergraduate students Keywords: endodontics; root canal therapy; technology.