Appointment Wait Times for Primary and Specialty Care in Veterans Health Administration Facilities vs. Community Medical Centers

Published: 25-01-2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/rmk89k4rhb.4
Kevin Griffith


These data have been certified for public release by the VA Boston Healthcare System's Privacy Officer. Please cite the following publication when using this dataset: Y. Feyman, K.N. Griffith. (under review). Appointment wait times for primary and specialty care in Veterans Health Administration facilities vs. community medical centers. Data in Brief. These data were originally collected for the following research article: K.N. Griffith, N.J. Ndugga, S.D. Pizer. (2020). Appointment Wait Times for Specialty Care in Veterans Health Administration Facilities vs Community Medical Centers. JAMA Network Open 3(8): e2014313.


Steps to reproduce

Please see the attached Data in Brief article (currently under review) and SQL code, which contains detailed instructions.