Appointment Wait Times for Primary and Specialty Care in Veterans Health Administration Facilities vs. Community Medical Centers

Published: 26 March 2024| Version 16 | DOI: 10.17632/rmk89k4rhb.16
Kevin Griffith


These deidentified datasets have been approved for public release by the VA Boston Healthcare System's Institutional Review Board and Privacy Office. Our data include approximately 52 million appointment wait times for both VA & community-based medical professionals from January 1st, 2014 to December 31st, 2022. Special thanks to Erin Beilstein-Wedel for helpful feedback and troubleshooting! Please cite the following publication when using this dataset: Y. Feyman, Legler, A., & K.N. Griffith. (2021). Appointment Wait Time Data for Primary & Specialty Care in Veterans Health Administration Facilities vs. Community Medical Centers. Data in Brief: e107134. A non-exhaustive list of other peer-reviewed articles using these data: Griffith, KN, Ndugga, NH, & Pizer, SP. (2020). "Appointment Wait Times for Specialty Care in Veterans Health Administration Facilities vs Community Medical Centers." JAMA Network Open 3(8): e2014313. Auty, SG, & Griffith, KN. (2021). “Medicaid Expansion Increased Appointment Wait Times in Maine and Virginia.” Journal of General Internal Medicine 37(10): 2594-2596. Griffith, KN, Asfaw, DA, Childers, RG, & Wilper, AP. (2022). “Changes in veterans’ access to specialty care during the COVID-19 pandemic.” JAMA Network Open 5(9): e2232515. Feyman, Y, Asfaw, D, & Griffith, KN. (2022). “Geographic Variation in Appointment Wait Times for U.S. Military Veterans.” JAMA Network Open 5(8): e2228783. See more on Google Scholar:


Steps to reproduce

For Data in Brief: Please see the attached article and SQL code in that folder, which contains detailed instructions. For Griffith & Auty: Replication R code and deidentified datasets are provided


Veterans Health Administration, Boston University, Vanderbilt University


Medical Specialty, Medical Care, Veterans Affairs, Primary Health Care, Access to Health Care, Veterans Health, Veterans Mental Health