Educational Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America

Published: 3 Aug 2017 | Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rn7hz629xw.2

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The causes and consequences of the intergenerational persistence of inequality are a topic of great interest among various fields in economics. However, until now, issues of data availability have restricted a broader and cross-national perspective on the topic. Based on rich sets of harmonized household survey data, we contribute to filling this gap computing time series for several indexes of relative and absolute intergenerational education mobility for 18 Latin American countries over 50 years, and making them publicly available.

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"Educational inequality and intergenerational mobility in Latin America: A new database"
by Guido Neidhöfer, Joaquin Serrano and Leonardo Gasparini

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    Published: 2017-08-03

    DOI: 10.17632/rn7hz629xw.2

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    Neidhoefer, Guido; Serrano, Joaquin; Gasparini, Leonardo (2017), “Educational Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America”, Mendeley Data, v2

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Sociology, Economics, Demography, Education, Economic Development, Education Economics, Social Stratification, Social Mobility, South America, Latin America, Socio-Economic Stratification, Intergenerational Mobility, Inequality


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