Published: 25 April 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/rn96hp5kw4.3
Charalampos Triantafyllidis,


Data repository for the referenced manuscript. All generated and optimized networks for TCGA and CCLE can be found in the corresponding folders. The input files have been included as a Shiny App .zip file, which combined with the cited GitHub repository below, provide a full Shiny App with GUI to reproduce the results. Results concerning the ML and community detection signatures plus survival data used are provided also in the corresponding folders.


Steps to reproduce

1. Download the 8.6 gb file here: 2. Download all the R scripts here: 3. Unzip the TP53 file downloaded in the first step. Unzip file in Software Inputs directory. Put all the scripts downloaded in step 2 in Shiny_app folder. 4. Unzip the R4.2_all_packages_required file in Software Inputs directory. 5. Launch R and run app.R located in Shiny_app folder


Imperial College London, Universita Bocconi, University of Oxford, University of Greenwich


Systems Biology, Cancer, Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimization, Discrete Optimization, Cancer Systems Biology, Computational Biology


European Research Council