Supplementary Data - Occupancy models reveal regional differences in detectability and improve relative abundance estimations in fossil pollen assemblages

Published: 22 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rnbrkxxm9m.1
Michelle Lawing,


Data were derived from other sources to include in analyses for the submitted manuscript. Data, code, and results for this manuscript are split into three folders within the data_code folder. Further elaborations on files within each folder are in the ReadMe file. We included a zip folder to directly download the folders, files and folder structure to more easily run the code. Lawing, A.M., J.L. Blois, K.C. Maguire, S.J. Goring, Y. Wang, J.L. McGuire. Paleo-occupancy models reveal regional differences in detectability and improve abundance estimations. Submitted to Quaternary Science Reviews. Please direct correspondence to A. Michelle Lawing ( or Jenny L. McGuire (


Steps to reproduce

See the ReadMe file for information about all the folders and code included here. The code folder has three script files to be run in numerical order.


Ecological Modeling, Data Analysis, North America, Spatial Data Modeling, Palynology, Holocene, Paleogeography