Instances for production scheduling with stock- and staff-related restrictions

Published: 26 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rpbv622wyd.2


Datasets used in the paper "Production scheduling with stock- and staff-related restrictions". The folder "Instances/" stores all instance files for both low- and high-demand instances as per the description in the associated paper. The folder "Solutions/" stores 10 solution files per instance obtained by means of a special-purpose Late Acceptance Hill Climbing Metaheuristic. Meanwhile, the folder "Validator/" contains a ".jar" file which can be executed to validate solutions to the instances in this dataset. All folders also contain an associated "README.txt" file explaining how to use the files inside them. The file "table_avgs.txt" is a CSV containing the complete average results per instance which were summarized in the corresponding paper. Meanwhile, the file "table_costs.txt" is a CSV with the cost of each solution in the "Solutions/" folder for each execution. Instance names are formatted as T_D_R_B, where T: is either the letter "L" or "H" standing for "low-" and "high-demand" instances, respectively. D: is the number of days in the time horizon of the instance. R: the number of requests to be served within the time horizon (it is not necessarily true that all R can be served in a feasible solution). B: the length, in minutes, of a block (micro-period within a day where production of one item type at full capacity may take place). Each day is formed by a series of micro-periods. For further details concerning the instances, the interested reader is referred to the paper "Production scheduling with stock- and staff-related restrictions".



Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Manufacturing, Parallel Machine Scheduling, Lot Sizing, Production Planning Scheduling