Data for: Sputtering of polished EUROFER97 steel: surface structure modification and enrichment of tungsten and tantalum

Published: 25-05-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rpcrpw28v3.1
Petter Ström,
Daniel Primetzhofer,
Rodrigo Arredondo Parra,
Per Petersson,
Martin Oberkofler,
Thomas Schwarz-Selinger


Raw ToF-ERDA data from all samples, both as list files (.lst) and and data files (.mpa) from the acquisition system MPA-3. Filenames starting with "Eurofer" contain data taken after polishing of a collimator in the setup. Remaining data shows an aluminum signal which is an artifact due to scattering from impurities accumulated on said collimator.