Acoustic dataset of the Odeo Cornaro in Padua (Italy, 1534)

Published: 20 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rpd86nd5d5.1
Giulia Fratoni,


This dataset contains the materials for acoustic simulation of a well-preserved Renaissance music space: the Odeo Cornaro in Padua, Italy (1524 - 1534). Folders provide the 3D CAD model of the architecture (.SKP, version 2017) and the monoaural measured impulse responses (.WAV, 48 kHz 32-bit) at various listening positions in the central octagonal hall. The present repository also provides an anechoic recording of "Zoia zentil che per secreta via" excerpt from "Canzoni villanesche alla napolitana di Messer Adrian Willaert a quattro voci con la canzone di Ruzante" (Venice, Gardano, 1548). All the details concerning the building history, the acoustic measurements, the 3D model, the calibration procedure, the simulation approaches employed, and the final results are available in Proceedings ICA 2022 ("The coupled rooms of Odeo Cornaro as support for Renaissance musicians and soloists") and a paper under revision by Acta Acustica journal ("Acoustic analysis of a well-preserved Renaissance music space: the Odeo Cornaro in Padua").



Audio Recording, Architectural Acoustics, Room Acoustics Simulation, Conserving Intangible Cultural Heritage


European Research Council

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