A survey on the attitude of kidney transplant recipients towards elective arteriovenous fistula ligation

Published: 10 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/rppgbwzzgs.2
Klaudia Bardowska,
, Dorota Kamińska, Kusztal Mariusz, Tomasz Gołębiowski, Tomasz Królicki, Karolina Zajdel, Oktawia Mazanowska, Dariusz Janczak, Magdalena Krajewska


The published dataset involves material from a single-center survey performed in Department of Nephrology and Transplantation Medicine of Wroclaw Medical University. The primary aim of the study was to assess the attitude of kidney transplant recipients on maintaining or ligating their vascular access after successful kidney transplantation. Until now, no study has ever addressed this topic. We also lack experience and scientific data from randomized trials, on how an elective ligation of functioning vascular access post-transplantation would influence the outcomes in this patient group. Thus, the patients' feedback is certainly one of several factors that must be considered before any intervention. Additionally, the survey result show not only the patients attitude to closing or maintaining functioning arteriovenous fistula, but also visualizes some correlations between vascular access persistence and renal function, time from transplantation and other clinical parameters. The presented dataset involves a patient subset created after excluding cases with multiple missing data (cases with lacking single variables were accepted). Some identifying characteristics were removed to maintain patient confidentiality. On the basis of this published file a manuscript has already been drafted and awaits publication. The surveys were appended in original version in Polish and translated into English.


Steps to reproduce

1. Study design: anonymous survey during consecutive routine control visit. 2. Querries: the survey was included in attached files. Patients were instructed to fill in appropriate information on the basis of actual medical records and measurements.


Uniwersytet Medyczny im Piastow Slaskich we Wroclawiu


Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Transplantation, Survey, Dialysis, Vascular Access