Dataset of Estimation of reactive inorganic iodine fluxes in the Indian and Southern Ocean marine boundary layer

Published: 26 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rrn8vpv8mj.1
Swaleha Inamdar,
Liselotte Tinel,
Rosie Chance,
Lucy Carpenter,
Prabhakran Sabu,
Racheal Chacko,
Sarat Tripathy,
Anvita U. Kerkar,
alok sinha,
Bhaskar Parli,
amit sarkar,
Rajdeep Roy,
Tomás Sherwen,
Carlos A. Cuevas,
Alfonso Saiz-Lopez,
Kirpa Ram,
Anoop Mahajan


This dataset includes multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) ship-based observations, meteorological observations during the 9th Indian Southern Ocean Expedition (ISOE-9), and all supporting dataset (observations from SK-333, BoBBLE cruise) used in the study Inamdar et al. (2020), Links to other dataset repositories used in this study: 1. Observations of sea-surface iodide concentrations from Indian and Southern Ocean: British Oceanographic Data Centre, (Chance et al., 2019), 2. Global predicted sea-surface iodide concentration data is available from the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, (Sherwen et al. 2019), 3. Dataset from 8th Indian Southern Ocean Expedition (ISOE-8), (Mahajan et al. 2019a), 4. Dataset from 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition (ISOE-8), (Mahajan et al. 2019b),


Steps to reproduce

A detailed description of data analysis is included in the supplementary article available at


Optical Spectroscopy, Atmospheric Chemistry, Iodine, Indian Ocean, Reactive Trace Gas, Southern Ocean, Cruise Ship